Monday, January 17, 2011

Mobiwan installation in NS2

For Mobile IPv6 support there are two options for the use it on NS2.
1) Use NS2.1b6 version for the NS2. The Mobiwan package and procedure is available:-

 User Guide:-

As the NS2.1b6 is much more older and not that supportable so Please try to avoid it.(by authors consideration)

2) Use NS2.33 version for the MIPv6.

     a) Install NS2.33.
     b) Download Patch from :-
     c) After installation keep the patch file "ns-233-mobiwan-1.path" in ns-2.33 folder in ns-allinone-2.33 directory.
     d) Install the patch by running "patch -p1 < ns-233-mobiwan-1" from the ns-2.33 directory.  
     e) re run "./configure ; make clean ; make" in ns-2.33 directory

steps d) and e) should be done on terminal.

This patch is only work on the Ns2.33 


Mobiwan is use for the support of Mobile IPv6. Mobiwan should be installed in NS2 so that it will support any MIPv6 simulation. Mobile IPv4 is easy to generate on any NS2 simulator, but in case of MIPv6 simulation it is not possible.

There is still some work going on NS3 for MIPv6. Still there is no proper answer get from the developers of NS3 for MIPv6.