Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The WiMAX Forum System Level Simulator NS-2 MAC+PHY Add-On for WiMAX (IEEE 802.16)

New Features in Release 2.6

1. The cdma_codes (0-255) are distributed among codes for bandwidth request, initial ranging, handover and CQICH. These cdma-code ranges can be set at “ns-wimax.tcl”.
2. To send the bandwidth request (BWR), MSS scheduler makes use of transmission opportunity and cdma_ranging code to verify the opportunity to transmit for each MSS.
3. This version supports a variable part of DL_MAP by taking number of burst allocation in both uplink and downlink.
4. Number of DL_PREAMBLE can variably set to either 1 or 3 symbol-columns.
5. The best effort fair scheduling for downlink allocation is written up with the decrease in complexity.
6. With OFDMA PHY, the end of downlink map entity is removed. The end of UL_MAP will be removed in the next patch. Note that although there is a presence of the end of
UL_MAP entity, there is no packet transmission during this region.
7. The downlink subframe is utilized; we take the space right after the MAP for data allocation.
8. Channel Index random allocation scheme update based on CDMA Ranging mechanism.
9. Effective SINR realignment to dB scale.
10. Support ARQ in Handover scenario
11. New transmission power and interference power calculation logic.

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